Welcome to Ori-Shalem center for divine co-creation of heaven on earth. In this site you will find a vision and a path that teaches how we can take this universal and ancient dream and make it our reality, for ourselves, our children and the all world.

Ori-Shalem, which means in hebrew “my light is whole” is a name given to a project of Co-creation whose aim is to create a global network of Light-workers, heart-earth healers, white Magicians and divine co-creators of heaven on earth. Ori-Shalem is a mystery school which teaches the way of the heart healing path, the path of ascension and co-creation with the company of Heaven. Here you can read about this vision‘s unfoldment.


Ori-Shalem is an extension to the physical dimension of the city of light called Ir’u-Shalem ( which means in hebrew “they shall see the whole”), also known as the heavenly Jerusalem. Like all the cities of light it is an externalized branch of the Order of Melchizedek. See glossary for definitions.

Since its beginning in 2010,  as an expression of the path of co-creation, several co-creation projects were created that you can read about in this site:
1) Soul Life – is a new method of Holistic medicine which is a result of a co-creation with the healers of heavenly Jerusalem and which has a special application for people suffering from mental illnesses. It adds to the body/mind relationship the understanding of the soul dimension to the process of healing. Karmic re-occuring life problems are seen as unfinished lessons the soul wishes to learn in life, and the release of symptoms is more profund and truely holistic when this dimension of the healing process in implemented.

2) Ori-Shalem Mystery school which offers Workshops and courses on a veriaty of subjects such as: soul alchemy facilitators training, Ascension and co-creation courses, Initiation to the order of Archangel Michael, Sacred Geometry-pythagorian math, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic trance dance, sacred singiing circle and more…

3) 3D Temples for the cosmic rays – energetic buildings that anchores the multi-dimensional energies of the cosmic rays of God’s Light into 3D space. Dedicated for making your home and garden a sanctuary.

4) Channeled music.

5) Books and movies created through co-creation processes.

6) Multi-dimensional Education system – A new-ancient systm of Education that put the process of initiation into become the Whole being – HUman its goal.

7) Divine Government – a new way of government that is both truly the rule of the people and inspired by the spiritual hierarchy.

Here in about, you can read about my spiritual Journey.

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Welcome to my world. I invite you to contact me for skype healing sessions, workshops, courses, temple construction and anway you feel we can collaborate in making heaven on earth a reality.


Artwork at the background of Lord Melchizedek by Peter Fich Christiansen. Please visit his website: http://fichart.wix.com/inner-realms


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