Divine Government World Service Meditation

The Divine Government is part of the vision I called Ori-Shalem. It is about having governments around the world which are inspired and are working in conscious co-creation relationship with the spiritual councils of the planet, Solar system, Galaxy and universe. A God Government that will be instrumental in the global creation of heaven on earth. Within the last 50 years on planet earth there is a process called the Externalization of the Hierarchy, in which ascended masters, archangels and Elohim Lords are being born and manifesting physically through the birth, or as wake-ins (advance souls who walks in and replace a soul in a body, while the existing soul ascends). This is happening in order to bring the mystery schools and ashrams of the hierarchy to exist with earth’s culture, instead only in the higher dimensions).In order to help manifest this process I was instructed to co-create this energetic web that connects our individual heart to the heart of the planet and invoke the presence of the Logoses and the councils of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and the cosmos and the most high God/Goddess of all that is in one energetic network to send light into the energetic fields of the earth and all nations and people. First it will manifest on the energy level then into physical reality.

world service meditations are a great way to advance spiritually by giving service to all life. It was inspired by Joshua David Stone collection of World Service meditations in his books (Such as Integrated ascension).

Instruction: Sit in meditation, close your eyes and breathe deeply. If you feel nervous please do a relaxation exercises to let go of stress from the head down to the toes. Ask to be put within an axiatonal alignment (I also call it divine axis alignment) chamber of light. Visualize a pillar of light descending around you and going to the center of the earth. Now see above your head a sphere of light which is your soul descending into your body and becoming one with you. Now another higher and greater sphere is going down inside your pillar of light, this is your spirit-Self – the monad descending into you and becoming one with you. feel how your vibration raised as you merge with this sphere. Now another still greater sphere of light descends. This is your divine Self – The God within you descending and becoming one with you. Mark the feeling of empowerment that exist when connecting to your divine Self

Now see yourself as big as the world itself. Your root chakra is connecting to the south pole and your crown to the north pole. Now say the works of power to open the Hall of Amenti – the sacred heart temple of the earth : Mekut – El – Shub – El -Hale – Zur – Ben – El – Zabrut – ZIn – Efrim – Quar – El. Repeat this mantra three times. Feel your heart becoming one with the heart of the earth. Now focus on that space. See yourself sitting around the flower of life fire in the middle of the earth’ heart. With you are the great Lords of Amenti. & great chiefs of time. Surrounding them are 32 children of the light.

 Artwork by Pat Marvenko Smith www.revelstionillustrated.com

Now call upon the overlighting Deva of planet earth, The deva of the tectonic plates, the deva of the soil, the Devas of the water, air, fire and earth elements, the deva of the whales and dolphins, the Devas of the crystals, trees, animals, the atmosphere, the Devas of the 7 continents and the Devas of all nations. Ask those Devas to expand the Light that is going to be focused here now.

Now call the presence of the planetary Logos – Lord Buddha and ask his council of 12 ascended masters to surround the earth in a circle. Feel the power and Light Lord Buddha is now transmitting, using all the 12 rays of God’s light and their chohans – priests. Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world.

Now call upon the Solar Logos Lord Helios and Vesta and their solar council to stand as the second ring in this mandala (see the diagram below).Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world.

Now call upon Lord Melchior and his galactic council to surround the earth in the third circle of the mandala. Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world into the galaxy.

Now call upon Lord Melchizedek and his universal council to stand as the forth circle in the mandala. Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world into the all universe.

Now focus on the ray of this day. See this website for information on the rays connected to each day of the week. See on the left side the days of the week buttons http://www.ethericretreats.com/

Call upon the Master, archangels and Elohim Lords Of today’s Ray and focus on the massage you want to broadcast to the people of the world concerning the this energy. For example Today is Tuesday it is the focus of the blue ray of God ‘s will. It concern the politicians, the army, police forces. What massage do you want to broad cast to all these people around the world? Ask the masters, archangels and Elohim what would be an appropriate massage to send today to the world or to certain part or specific country. When You are certain, see your Self standing in the circle of all this light forces and speaking out and pray for what it is you want to broadcast from the earth of the planet to the people of the world. Be sure to be 1000% responsible for what you ask , and that it will be for the highest good of all life. For example I want to pray for the highest protection of all innocent people in the war zones. (praying for the war to stop or for one side to win is not in alignment with divine will as I feel it. You can always consult your blue flame sword to know that.)  

Now we will end with thanking all the forces of light that came to participate in our world service meditation. And say again the words of power: Mekut – El – Shub – El -Hale – Zur – Ben – El – Zabrut – ZIn – Efrim – Quar – El. And with it the earth’s heart space is closing and you return to your physical body and ground yourself. Touch the earth with your hands, Walk a little, eat something, Do something physical.. Namaste.

Amichai Yam © 2014

Message of love – Lady Venus through Amichai yam 17.11.14

Through my voice her intention is to sing a song of love for all creation to the waters, the sun, the earth, the wind.

I am Venus, Lady of the wind that flows from heaven; I sing a song of love to the stars to brighten their light. For their love to reach all the worlds. Know that you are also a star shining in the firmament of heaven. Ye are all stars hiding behind a mountain of flesh. Remember your true identity as the children of light. Shine your light unto this world and sing together with all creation his glory.

We are the children of light who came to your world from the planet Venus. We are the kumara family. We are the 9D overlighting consciousness that has seeded your solar system and maintains its light on the spirit dimensions.

Know that it is our presence here in this world and solar system that kept the dark forces from gaining full control and sustains the light essence of your world. Our light is focused on the heart of the planet, which you call THE HALLS OF AMENTI and the inner earth kingdom of Agartha, in tune with the original light of creation.

Even if you think your world and the solar system is controlled by dark forces that abuse and manipulate the life force of the planet and its inhabitants’ it is only on the outer dimensions of existence they seems to control up until now. Now that you are awaken to your divinity, to the magnificence and grandeur of your beings it is up to you to decide what is going to be with your body, home, sacred space, and your temple, which is meant to be a living temple for the spirit of the Most High Light-Love-Life to dwell therein.

We are your higher Spirit Self, who is waiting for you to wake up and remember our oneness. In your forgetfulness you called us the gods, the “Elohim”. You projected outwards to outer authority the control over your life. Know we are ever one with you; we just exist on a higher frequency density. As you develop your multi-dimensional awareness, so we, your higher Selves identities will become more real and an actual presence in your life. WE ARE ONE.
Yours in cosmic love and eternal friendship Lady Venus.


Hermetic Kabalistic Magick

the ancient Atlantean kabalistic magick that was preserved in the hermetic tradition of ancient Egypt and Greece. Used as the inner teachings of the Hebrew prophets, kings and rabbis. Found an expression in the esoteric teaching of Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) and continued as the mystery tradition of the west throughout the last two millennia. Came to our age through the teaching of the Golden Dawn order and its lineage such as Dion fortune, Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki and Ted Andrews.

In this webinar, we will be introduced to this magnificent tradition, learn it key principles, practice its meditations and learn its magick.

What shall we learn?

1) introduction to the hermetic kabala tradition – the yoga of the west.
2) What is Magick? Definitions of magick.
3) The 7 hermetic principles of manifestation.
4) The kabalistic teachings of Jesus and the Essene gospel.
5) Kabalistic cross, The path of the flaming sword and the middle pillar meditations.
6) Pathworking – journeying the tree of Life.
7) The tree of life in Shamanism and the Tao.
8) The Magick of the cosmic rays.
9) The magickal sphere – Hermetic Kabalistic ritual.


הצל, השיריון והילד הפגוע

הילד הפגוע / הצל בתוכנו הוא חלק שנמצא בבידוד בתוכנו כי הוא מסמל את כל הרגשות הקשים והאמונות השליליות שאנו אפילו לא רוצים להודות בקיומן. כך שאנו דוחים את עצמנו. החלק הזה לא נעלם, אלא יורד למחתרת ושם משתעשע בזימון ישויות של חושך ועשיית פיגועים שונים בחיינו.
ככל שהאישיות מנסה לשמור על ציוויון תרבותי וחיובי ולא מוכנה להודות בקיום החלקים האלו, כך השפעתו יותר שלילית עלינו. מה שיש לעשות זה לאהוב אותו ולהיות האמא והאבא שלו, כך שיוכל להשתנות והאנרגיה שבו תעבור התמרה ותבנה את דמות הבוגר בנפשנו.


קארל יונג, תלמידו של פרויד. קארל יונג שלמד תורות רוחניות, מושג שתבע הפסיכולוג השווצארי  שונות כגון יוגה, אלכימיה ושמאניזם טען, שבתהליך האינדיבידואציה (ההפיכה של האדם לאינדיבידואל) האדם פוגש שלושה ארכיטיפים (הצל, האנימה והאנימוס, והעצמי האמיתי). הצל הוא דמות המגלמת את סך כל אותם חלקים לא חברותיים, אלימים, לא אהובים, שלא יכלת לקבל כחלק ממך כבן לחברה האנושית המערבית, ולכן עליך להדחיק את קיומם ו”לזרוק אותם מאחורי הגב”, להתנתק מהם, להתעלם ולהתכחש לקיומם..


הרבה דתות ודרכים חינוך לימדו “להלחם ולהרוג את היצר הרע”. כך אנו מחלקים את עצמינו לחלקים ומתנתקים מחלקים גדולים ממי ומה שאנו, מרגשות שליליים שיש לנו ומצדדים שפשוט אין להם מקום וזכות קיום בעיני החברה. כאשר אנו עושים זאת, הצל “יורד למחתרת” ומתחבר עם כוחות החושך והרוע בעולם בחוץ. כך שככל שאדם יותר מדחיק ומכחיש את קיומו של הצל, יש סיכוי יותר גדול שהוא ישלט על ידי הצל וכוחות החושך והרוע בעולם.


מה שמלמדת הפסיכולוגיה של יונג הוא להביא את הצל למודע וללמוד לקבל אותו ולהפוך אותו לחלק בלתי נפרד מהאישיות, לעוצמה שאתה מחזיק ביד במקום שהיא תפנה כנגדך, כמו עופרת שהופכת לזהב וחיה טורפת אשר רכשת שליטה עליה והיא נהפכה לבת ברית שלך. כלומר תהליכים של סובלימציה של הצל דרך אומנות, אומנויות לחימה ועוד.


שיריון הגוף נפש


ויליאם רייך, תלמיד אחר של פרוייד, הנחשב לאבי ההילינג המודרני, הוא גילה את הקשר בין תהליך הדחקת הרגשות, הנשימה והגופנפש. שריון הגופנפש זה ביטוי לסך כל הרגשות המודחקים שיצרו חסימות הבאות לידי ביטוי כנוקשות פיזית ונפשית. תלמידיו של ויליאם רייך למדו יוגה ורפואה סינית והבינו שגילויו של מורם ידועים במזרח אלפי שנים וחיברו בין תורת הביו-אנרגיה שהוא פיתח לתורות מזרחיות וכך נולד ההילינג המודרני.


השריון זה גם דימוי גופני, שהינו מנותק מהרגשות האמיתיים של האדם, כמו מסכה שהאדם מזדהה איתה לגמרי. דיכאון הוא תוצאה של שבירת השיריון ועלייה של רגשות מודחקים על פני השטח באופן שגורם להצפה רגשית.


לתינוקות אין שריון, זהו משהו נרכש שהולך ומעמיק ומחמיר עם השנים, עד שבוחרים להתחיל לעשות תהליך אמיתי של ריפוי, שמטרתו להסיר את השריון.


בשריון בדרך כלל יש כמה כפתורים, שכאשר לוחצים עליהם, הרגשות העצורים מתחתיו מתפרצים באופן לא פרופורציונאלי למציאות ולדבר שגרם לכך.

שריון הוא הבעיה הכי גדולה ביחסים אינטימיים, כי הוא בעצם מגן עלינו מלהיות חשופים וגלויים עם רגשותינו האמיתיים. אינטימיות נובעת באנגלית מהמילים

כאשר אנו לא מכירים את עצמינו או מרגישים וחושבים שמשהו לא בסדר איתנו, יש נטייה טבעית להרחיק אחרים מקרבה אמיתית אלינו, שמה יחשפו את הסוד ואז ניווכח שאכן אנו לא ראויים לאהבה כפי שאנו. כל תהליך שחרור והעלאת התכנים שהיו לכודים בתוך חסימות רגשיות הוא תהליך הסרת השריון של הגופנפש


הילד הפנימי הפגוע


בתוך תהליך הסרת השריון וריפוי החסימות יש רגעים בו נחשף הילד הפנימי הפגוע, שהוא בעצם דמות של המצב האמיתי של הגוף הרגשי שלנו. הילד הרבה פעמים נמצא בפינת חדר חשוכה, הוא מרגיש בודד, נטוש והוא כועס על עולם המבוגרים באופן כללי על הוריו המקוריים ועלייך (העצמי הבוגר) באופן ספציפי.


זהו שלב יותר מתקדם בעבודה על המודעות לרגשות ותהליך שחרור החסימות. כעת עליך לא רק לבטא את הרגשות המודחקים (של הילד). אלא באותה עת להתחבר לצד של הבוגר ולהוות כהורה, חבר, מרפא עבור הילד הפנימי הפגוע שלך. זהו תהליך עדין שבו את/ה רוצה לזכות באמונו המחודש של הילד בתוכך. ילד זה מכיל בתוכו את כל התגובות הכי רגשיות לכל פגיעות הילדות והטראומות שעברת בחייך. הילד הוא מאוד כנה וחייבים להיות איתו כנים לחלוטין ולהבטיח לו ולקיים שהוא לא יפגע, יינטש וידחה על ידיכם ועל ידי אחרים.


עליכם ללמוד להכיל אותו ולאהוב אותו, כפי שהוא תמיד השתוקק ואף פעם לא זכה. לא מהוריך ולא אהובים/אהובות רומנטיות שעליהם הצורך העמוק ולא יודע שובע של הילד באהבה בדרך כלל מופנה. תהליך זה הוא גם אחד מאבני היסוד לקיום זוגיות טובה.



Untitled_2Lao Tzu

The cosmic ray/sacred flames of God’s light are
different frequencies of the divine light, that descends through all the dimensions and is channeled to all creation by a spiritual hierarchy of beings of light from the three higher kingdoms of nature (The Elohim Lords, The arch-angels and the Ascended Masters) which focus, direct and send to the four lower kingdoms of nature (The Human, animal, plant and mineral). In this way the One God/Goddess is always nurturing the creation with their light, love and life forces.

These cosmic rays/sacred flames are focused in different dimensions in Etheric retreats – temples, in which everything in it corresponds to the frequency of the ray it is dedicated for.

Knowledge about the cosmic rays is continuously being given to humanity for the last 130 years by a line of spiritual teacher/channelers such as: Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Geoffrey Ray King, Geraldine Innocente, Elizabeth C. Prophet, Joshua David Stone, Aurelia Luis Jones and others…

Amichai Yam, a Shaman and a teacher of the path of ascension and co-creation, through a process of co-creation, had received inspiration and knowledge on how to create here in the 3D, Etheric retreats for the cosmic rays, in order to bring to this 3D reality, which is so much engulfed in a field of separation consciousness, the much needed energy and light codes of the unity consciousness fields of light that exists in the higher dimensions. To anchor them into this space and to make them once again part of our everyday life, as it once was in the Atlantian and Lemurian temples.

As Rabbi Milubavitz said: “Make for him an apartment in the lower worlds, as in the higher worlds”, and Jesus said “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

These temples are made of copper or pliz metal frame, in a shape of a pyramid or other sacred Geometry shapes that correspond to a certain chakra. Within it is a crystal matrix that creates the same geometric shape from crystals. Using an energetic method called “the Deva (the spirit of the space) linkage protocol” this space is connected to the Etheric retreats in the higher dimensions, and a multi-dimensional portal is created, that allows the energies of these temples to stream down into the physical vessel. They come in different sizes, from 50 cm models up to 4 meters, according to the space it is made for. Both the small and the big temples are connected to the Etheric retreats and act as a multi0dimensional portals, the only difference is that you can sit or stand within the bigger ones and it is a strong energetic field to be in it. But people feel it also from outside of it.

Each one of the 7 rays/flames corresponds to a certain chakra and its presence in your home or garden space is amplifying it effect on the human energy field and life.

With the construction of a ray temple in a client’s house, there are certain activations, meditations and initiation processes that are taught by Amichai to the owner and priest of the temple in order to benefit from its healing energies and use it in his/her life.

“Make your home a power place to help anchor

Christ consciousness into this world!”

chakra – ray – Etheric retreat -temple correspondence

1) Root chakra– white flame – 4th ray – ascension and purity. Etheric retreats: Master Serapis Bey – Loxur – Egypt, Telos within M.Shasta – California, USA. Archangels Gabriel and Hope – outside M. Shasta. Elohim Lords Purity and Astrea – the Black sea, Russia. This 1.70 meters Pyramid is made of Pliz with 14 quartz generators inside creating an energetic pyramid inside the metal structure. Connected energetically to these etheric retreat.





2) Sacral chakra – Violet flame – 7th ray – transmutation, alchemy and ceremonial magick. Masters – Saint Germain, Lady Portia and Quan Yin – Telos – M.Shasta, California, USA. The Rackozy mansion – Transylvania. Santé chapel – Paris, France. Arch-angels Tzadkiel and Ametist – Cuba. Elohim Lords – Arcturos and Victory – Bangladesh. This 3 meters pyramid is mad of copper with Ametist and Quartz generators inside creating an energetic pyramid inside the metal structure. Connected energetically to these etheric retreats.

3) Solar Plexus – Golden flame – 6th ray – resurrection, Renewal, Religious ideals, Peace. Master – Lord Sananda Jerusalem-Israel. Archangels Uriel & Aurora – Tetra mountains-Poland. Elohim Lords – Peace & Aloha – Hawaii.
This is still in construction as a model made of citrine chips crystals as a base and quartzes as the circular lines.

4) Heart center – pink flame – 3rd ray – Divine love, creative intelligence, beauty. Masters – Paul the Venetian and Lady Rowana – The Château De Liberté– France .Lord Anamar – The temple of Union – Telos, inside Mount Shasta, California, USA. Archangels Chamuel & Charity – Saint Louis, Mississippi, USA. Elohim Lords – Eros & Amora – Lake Winnipeg, Canada. This rose shape temple is built both as a model and big one about 2 meters long made of copper with 13 quartzes in the center surrounded by 36 rose quartzes in the petals of the rose. Connected energetically to these etheric retreats.

5) Throat Chakra – Blue flame – Divine will, truth and warrior of light. Master El Moriya – Darjeeling, India. Telos California USA. El Capitan mount in Yosemite valley USA.Archangels – Michael & faith: located over Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada .

Elohim Lords – Hercules & Amazonia – Yosemite valley USA.
On the right a 50 cm model with Lapis Lazuli and Agate blue leis crystals inside two 3D “Metatron Cube” domes. On the left a 3.80 meters pyramid made of pliz metals with Lapis Lazuli and Quartz generators creating an energetic pyramid inside the metal structure. Connected energetically to these etheric retreats.



5) Third eye chakra – green flame – 5th ray – healing, unity between science and spirituality, abundance, manifestation from spirit to matter. Master – Hilarion – temple of truth, Crete. The jade temple – Telos, Mount Shasta, California, USA. Archangels Raphael & Mother Mary –Fatima, Portugal. Elohim Lords – Cyclopea & Virginia – Altai region, Siberia. Work in progress – this copper pentacle (pentagram within a circle) with attached Jade and Emerald crystal is connected energetically to all these etheric retreats, acts as a portal.


7) Crown chakra – yellow flame – 2nd Ray – divine wisdom & enlightenment. Master – Lord Lanto – The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Archangels – Jophiel & Christine – Great Wall of China. Elohim Lords – Apollo & Lumina – Saxon, Germany. This torus shape unification coil (free energy device created according to Erica & Daniel Nunez design) is in the geometry of the crown chakra and the all human energy field. With citrine crystals, connected energetically to all these retreats.