Message of love – Lady Venus through Amichai yam 17.11.14

Through my voice her intention is to sing a song of love for all creation to the waters, the sun, the earth, the wind.

I am Venus, Lady of the wind that flows from heaven; I sing a song of love to the stars to brighten their light. For their love to reach all the worlds. Know that you are also a star shining in the firmament of heaven. Ye are all stars hiding behind a mountain of flesh. Remember your true identity as the children of light. Shine your light unto this world and sing together with all creation his glory.

We are the children of light who came to your world from the planet Venus. We are the kumara family. We are the 9D overlighting consciousness that has seeded your solar system and maintains its light on the spirit dimensions.

Know that it is our presence here in this world and solar system that kept the dark forces from gaining full control and sustains the light essence of your world. Our light is focused on the heart of the planet, which you call THE HALLS OF AMENTI and the inner earth kingdom of Agartha, in tune with the original light of creation.

Even if you think your world and the solar system is controlled by dark forces that abuse and manipulate the life force of the planet and its inhabitants’ it is only on the outer dimensions of existence they seems to control up until now. Now that you are awaken to your divinity, to the magnificence and grandeur of your beings it is up to you to decide what is going to be with your body, home, sacred space, and your temple, which is meant to be a living temple for the spirit of the Most High Light-Love-Life to dwell therein.

We are your higher Spirit Self, who is waiting for you to wake up and remember our oneness. In your forgetfulness you called us the gods, the “Elohim”. You projected outwards to outer authority the control over your life. Know we are ever one with you; we just exist on a higher frequency density. As you develop your multi-dimensional awareness, so we, your higher Selves identities will become more real and an actual presence in your life. WE ARE ONE.
Yours in cosmic love and eternal friendship Lady Venus.