Ray Temples

The 3D Etheric Retreats –

 temples for the cosmic rays of God’s light

 creating heaven on earth at your home space.

Bringing down energies from the higher dimensions

to uplift your life and help anchor your multi-dimensional

Self into everyday reality.


“The virtue of the container

is in its emptiness.
The virtue of a Jar
is not in the clay
but in the water it contains.
The virtue of a home
is not in the walls
but in the spirit of man
that dwells therein”
                                                 Lao Tzu


The cosmic ray/sacred flames of God’s light are different frequencies of the divine light, that descends through all the dimensions and is channeled to all creation by a spiritual hierarchy of beings of light from the three higher kingdoms of nature (The Elohim Lords, The arch-angels and the Ascended Masters) which focus, direct and send to the four lower kingdoms of nature (The Human, animal, plant and mineral). In this way the One God/Goddess is always nurturing the creation with their light, love and life forces.

These cosmic rays/sacred flames are focused in different dimensions in Etheric retreats – temples, in which everything in it corresponds to the frequency of the ray it is dedicated for.

Knowledge about the cosmic rays is continuously being given to humanity for the last 130 years by a line of spiritual teacher/channelers such as: Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Geoffrey Ray King, Geraldine Innocente, Elizabeth C. Prophet, Joshua David Stone, Aurelia Luis Jones and others…

Amichai Yam, a Shaman and a teacher of the path of ascension and co-creation, through a process of co-creation, had received inspiration and knowledge on how to create here in the 3D, Etheric retreats for the cosmic rays, in order to bring to this 3D reality, which is so much engulfed in a field of separation consciousness, the much needed energy and light codes of the unity consciousness fields of light that exists in the higher dimensions. To anchor them into this space and to make them once again part of our everyday life, as it once was in the Atlantian and Lemurian temples.

As Rabbi Milubavitz said: “Make for him an apartment in the lower worlds, as in the higher worlds”, and Jesus said “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

These temples are made of copper or pliz metal frame, in a shape of a pyramid or other sacred Geometry shapes that correspond to a certain chakra. Within it is a crystal matrix that creates the same geometric shape from crystals. Using an energetic method called “the Deva (the spirit of the space) linkage protocol” this space is connected to the Etheric retreats in the higher dimensions, and a multi-dimensional portal is created, that allows the energies of these temples to stream down into the physical vessel. They come in different sizes, from 50 cm models up to 4 meters, according to the space it is made for. Both the small and the big temples are connected to the Etheric retreats and act as a multi0dimensional portals, the only difference is that you can sit or stand within the bigger ones and it is a strong energetic field to be in it. But people feel it also from outside of it.

Each one of the 7 rays/flames corresponds to a certain chakra and its presence in your home or garden space is amplifying it effect on the human energy field and life.

With the construction of a ray temple in a client’s house, there are certain activations, meditations and initiation processes that are taught by Amichai to the owner and priest of the temple in order to benefit from its healing energies and use it in his/her life.

“Make your home a power place to help anchor 
Christ consciousness into this world!”
chakra – ray – Etheric retreat -temple correspondence

1) Root chakra– white flame – 4th ray – ascension and purity. Etheric retreats: Master Serapis Bey – Loxur – Egypt, Telos within M.Shasta – California, USA. Archangels Gabriel and Hope – outside M. Shasta. Elohim Lords Purity and Astrea – the Black sea, Russia. This 1.70 meters Pyramid is made of Pliz with 14 quartz generators inside creating an energetic pyramid inside the metal structure. Connected energetically to these etheric retreat.


2) Sacral chakra – Violet flame – 7th ray – transmutation, alchemy and ceremonial magick. Masters – Saint Germain, Lady Portia and Quan Yin – Telos – M.Shasta, California, USA. The Rackozy mansion – Transylvania. Santé chapel – Paris, France. Arch-angels Tzadkiel and Ametist – Cuba. Elohim Lords – Arcturos and Victory – Bangladesh. This 3 meters pyramid is mad of copper with Ametist and Quartz generators inside creating an energetic pyramid inside the metal structure. Connected energetically to these etheric retreats.

3) Solar Plexus – Golden flame – 6th ray – resurrection, Renewal, Religious ideals, Peace. Master – Lord Sananda Jerusalem-Israel. Archangels Uriel & Aurora – Tetra mountains-Poland. Elohim Lords – Peace & Aloha – Hawaii.
This is still in construction as a model made of citrine chips crystals as a base and quartzes as the circular lines.

4) Heart center – pink flame – 3rd ray – Divine love, creative intelligence, beauty. Masters – Paul the Venetian and Lady Rowana – The Château De Liberté- France .Lord Anamar – The temple of Union – Telos, inside Mount Shasta, California, USA. Archangels Chamuel & Charity – Saint Louis, Mississippi, USA. Elohim Lords – Eros & Amora – Lake Winnipeg, Canada. This rose shape temple is built both as a model and big one about 2 meters long made of copper with 13 quartzes in the center surrounded by 36 rose quartzes in the petals of the rose. Connected energetically to these etheric retreats.


5) Throat Chakra – Blue flame – Divine will, truth and warrior of light. Master El Moriya – Darjeeling, India. Telos California USA. El Capitan mount in Yosemite valley USA.Archangels – Michael & faith: located over Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada .

Elohim Lords – Hercules & Amazonia – Yosemite valley USA.
On the right a 50 cm model with Lapis Lazuli and Agate blue leis crystals inside two 3D “Metatron Cube” domes. On the left a 3.80 meters pyramid made of pliz metals with Lapis Lazuli and Quartz generators creating an energetic pyramid inside the metal structure. Connected energetically to these etheric retreats.


5) Third eye chakra – green flame – 5th ray – healing, unity between science and spirituality, abundance, manifestation from spirit to matter. Master – Hilarion – temple of truth, Crete. The jade temple – Telos, Mount Shasta, California, USA. Archangels Raphael & Mother Mary –Fatima, Portugal. Elohim Lords – Cyclopea & Virginia – Altai region, Siberia. Work in progress – this copper pentacle (pentagram within a circle) with attached Jade and Emerald crystal is connected energetically to all these etheric retreats, acts as a portal.


7) Crown chakra – yellow flame – 2nd Ray – divine wisdom & enlightenment. Master – Lord Lanto – The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Archangels – Jophiel & Christine – Great Wall of China. Elohim Lords – Apollo & Lumina – Saxon, Germany. This torus shape unification coil (free energy device created according to Erica & Daniel Nunez design) is in the geometry of the crown chakra and the all human energy field. With citrine crystals, connected energetically to all these retreats.


 8) The Crystal Ray Pyramid –

3D temple for the crystal ray outside my house. This time I decided to use only crystals with no metal frame. One Crystal Ball above the head. One Smoky Kvartz below. And a chain of kvartz crystal chips on all the rocks in the square on the ground. As crystals have memory, each time I am meditating there I imagine the lines connecting the pyramidal shape and the crystals hold this pattern in an unseen way.

12993479_646597125495955_185302380253980303_n  12592370_646597135495954_7748236600788688626_n13007079_646753442146990_661856823325695016_n 13012762_646753415480326_3140248082063915034_n 13043374_646597485495919_3102844414138907563_n 13055503_646889238800077_1784064829536472563_n


9) The sacred Union Devic Garden  for the Rose and Crystal rays

a meditation garden 3D temple for the Rose and crystal Rays of God’s light. Two energetic unified field frequencies that has been around this planet for the last time in the time of Atlantis and had recently came back to re-create heaven on earth.The idea is to create an energetic space (bio-sphere) that connects the energies of the Rose ray that represent the divine love of the feminine aspect of divinity to the energies of the crown (heaven) and Malkut-Kingdom (earth) and the 72 names of God (Hashem Hameforash) which represent the power of the masculine aspect of divinity. Or in other words Manifesting heaven on earth. As Yeshua ben Joseph said When the two shall become one the kingdom will manifest”.