Multi-dimensional Education

 ” Initiation for life” – a new multi-dimensional education system


The most basic understanding given to us by Lord Melchizedek and the educators of the heavenly Jerusalem is the real purpose of education is initiation. Initiation in Hebrew is Hanicha and education is hinuch. Like the word Enoch. Same verb

So what does initiation means?  First, it should be relevant for life. Second, it is a way to develop the whole human being. The most basic way of initiation is the Native American tradition of the medicine wheel. That is the balance and health that comes from learning and attuning ourselves to the four elements: fire, earth, water and air. Which symbolize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual side of a human. Karl Jung differentiates between: sensual, emotional, intellectual and intuitive people. We all have some amount of each element. In different amounts. We can see each child or human weaknesses and strengths by studying his elements.

In western education system most focus is given to the mental body. And even within the mental, just to the ability to swallow and spit large amounts of useless information. When you force information into a brain, as a defense system it forgets it all afterwards.

So the kind of education system we are building is a balanced one. Where all the four elements of a human being will be trained and developed.

So how can one focus on other elements other than the mental?

The shape of a class should change from frontal lecture type of teaching to a listening and talking circle. So in a circle everybody is equal. Everybody should see each other’s eyes. No hierarchy. The subject of learning is first of all the subjective truth: the truth of the heart. So the emotional and intuitive sides can come into play. Each talking circle starts with arranging flowers, candles and colorful cloth in the center. It is a ritual. When the candle is lite we say a prayer of intention. This is intuitive training. Afterwards we continue with a physical game. Learning by enjoyment. Fun, action, energy exchange. Then the subject of the lesson is brought in as :1) a story.2) a question. Every subject has many angels to perceive it. There is no one angel better than the other. The teacher is the one who is leading the circle. Not giving all the knowledge. Knowledge is gathered by a collective learning experience: The wisdom of the group. After one round of the circle. This is usually more emotional. We do a second round called echoing. That is what some other participant in the circle said that echo within me. This is a more mental. Thinking about what was said in the first round, kind of circle.

 I like the idea of the listening and talking circle, but the problem with this formation is the issue of unseriousness on the parts of student as the learning format becomes too informal, what do you think?

Amichai Yam: They are more involved. The knowledge is greater.

Have you experimented this before?

Amichai Yam: Yes, our system is based on a well known method called council.  It is used in great success in LA for more than 12 thousand children. Since this was inserted to the formal education system there, as one lesson in a week.

Our project starts from this. But has the ability to expand to a all week long program for a complete new system of education


Here are some more example of the subjects and way of teachings for the four elements:

1) physical abilities – speed, heart and lungs capacity, suppleness, strength, listening to the body, nutrition, medical knowledge of the body systems, right habits, motor connection of head, eyes and hand. Co-ordination, balanced middle of the body, knowing your body in dance, martial arts and sexuality.

2) Emotional abilities: expressing the emotions, awareness and recognizing your emotions, emotional honesty, ability to love, respect, and know ourselves, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, healthy borders, communication, social skills. Expressing ourselves through arts.

3) Mental abilities: remembering, focus, discernment, analysis, connecting points between different fields of knowledge, seeing the big and small picture by drawing mandalas.

4) Intuitive abilities – inner knowing without thinking process, guided imagination, vision, entrepreneur, creativity, navigating in an unknown territory, intuitive writing and painting, musical improvisation, spontaneity.

How can one help? Considering our distance? (asked by someone in Africa?)

Amichai yam: We create the materials…come for several days to teach the teachers and then continue to monitor the process from afar by webinars and teleconferences. This is what we are doing. We will come to where ever our vision meets a fertile ground to grow, all over the world.