“Soul Life” Healing Method

Soul Life is a new method of multi-dimensional body-mind-soul healing modality that was co-created by Amichai Yam and the master healers of the order of Melchizedek and the Heavenly Jerusalem.

It is based on the understanding that all life challenges are lessons our souls have chosen to learn in order to grow. Sometimes the lessons come as a physical illness, sometimes a mental illness or as a financial or relationship challenge. If we don’t learn the lesson in this life it keeps repeating itself until we learn it and then release it.

Another important understanding is that in order to heal a life challenge from the root of it, we must deal with it from four levels, which are: 1) Physical-energetic level. 2) Emotional level. 3) Mental level and 4) Soul level. In short it is called PEMS.

It was developed with the special intention of healing mental illnesses and difficult life challenges that seem unsolvable by other means. Within a working partnership with the clinical psychologist Yuval Carmi, is has been successfully applied to many severe situations of clinical depression, schizophrenia, multiple personality, OCD, pi-polarity and other mental disorders.

The first thing that you meet in the healing session is the multi-dimensional presence of the healer. Who is feeling and seeing your all being on all levels of your multi-dimensional existence. We are here to help you solve your life problems and challenges by helping you see it from a multi dimensional PEMS point of view. We will be able to see the lesson linked to the problem that came to teach you and then how to heal the issue.

The healing tools the healer uses according to the need of the patient are many, such as:

Empathic Listening – The ability to listen from the heart while observing the eyes and the face of the patient.

Sharing – a way to connect, express and understand the emotions as the voice of the soul.

Energetic scanning – The ability to scan the energetic state of the aura, chakras and inner organ with God’s and the ascended master’s help.

Chakra balancing – by observing, energy transference, sacred sounds and the sacred flames.

Chi nei Tsang – inner organ massage according to Chinese medicine, helps releasing from the body and emotions difficult blockages. A method taught by Master Mantak Chia.

Eco-pressure – A method that helps releasing blockages along the meridian by massaging the acupuncture points.
Chi Kong – Movement exercises combine with breathing, sacred sounds and Colors visualization.

Massage – touch therapy that help to create deep relaxation and emotional release from the muscles.

Reflexology – releases energy blockage through pressure points in the feet.

Inner child dialog – This part of our emotional body holds on to the difficult emotions and thought forms of the past. By dialoging with him we bring him back to our awareness and love and the energy released from him help create the inner adult in our psyche.

Changing belief systems – Belief thought forms are conclusions we have about things in life based on our past experience. As long as they are held in our sub-conscious mind they confine us and keeps re-create the same negative life situations. By recognizing, releasing and changing them, our life can dramatically change. Based on Theta healing method.

Energetic cords and soul contracts release – Each important person in our lives and the relationship we have with him are predetermined by a contract between our souls and an energetic cord that connects our energetic bodies. Understanding and releasing then can greatly change a relationship for the better.

Curses – Releasing dark energy sent by other persons or entities.

Astral entity removal –Removing energy parasite that feeds off, amplify and perpetuate negative emotions in the human field. Many times when other healing methods don’t seems to help it is because there is an entity manipulating the energy field of the person.

Energetic Self Defense – Learning to defend our energy field from outer negative energies.

Soul retrieval – Soul fragments can be scattered by traumas. This life changing technique can bring back the will to live, the happiness and ability to cope with life challenges.

Akashic record reading – A channeling method that enable to read in a person’s BOOK OF LIFE soul records. Through this reading we can see past lives as the root of challenges we face in this life.

Cosmic ray initiations – meditations that teaches us to brings these multi-dimensional frequencies into our energy field for healing and ascension.

Pleiadian light chambers – Energetic fields that surrounds a person’s energy body and facilitate different experiences of healing, opening of the heart and ascension. An healing method created by Amorah Quan Yin.

Energetic surgery – Delicate and powerful healing of the energy fields can be created by energetic surgery done with the help of some healing angels and ascended masters.

Soul healing symbols – Geometric symbols from the soul tablets found in the hall of wisdom in the heavenly Jerusalem city of light. Those symbols helps release karmic lessons that returns for many lifetimes.

and more…

The treatments can work very well in long distance through the Skype or as long distance healing (without the patient’s attention, but always with his approval).

I created a facilitator training course to those who would like to learn this method and integrate it into their healing path and practice.

Soul Life workgroup was created and is being taught to people beginning their spiritual path, People with mental illnesses and Elderly people.

Welcome to the world of quantum multi-dimensional healing.

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In love and service
Amichai Yam

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