Initiation into the Order of Archangel Michael

Initiation into the Order of Archangel Michael

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.
 Now choose life…
Deuteronomy 31:1, Old Testament


This webinar series combines theory and practice dealing with the on-going conflict between darkness and light within us and in the world around us. It teaches us the path to healing our on shadow and inner wounded child, to release the bonds that keep us in darkness and to be warriors of light in this world.

 This is a four hour long webinar, which will be delivered in to parts for allowing time to digest the materials.Michael3

                                            What shall we learn?

Part 1
1) the history of the struggle between light and darkness: from its beginning in a parallel universe, through the story of the fall of Atlantis till our present day. This story brings a deeper and more compassionate understanding to the subject of the forces of the darkness and clarifies our role as human beings on planet earth in this matter.
2) Initiation into the order of Archangel Michael, which is taking place in a soul journey to his etheric retreat in the 7th dimension. In this initiation we receive his blue fire sword of divine truth, protection and attunement to the will of God. We learn how to call on Michael’s order of angels for helping us in different fields in our life as human beings.
3) Initiation into the crystal ray, which takes place in the etheric retreat of  Master Horlet in the 10th dimension. Master Horlet is a member of the order of the Elohim, which lived on earth in a body of light in the time of Atlantis. He created Atlantis from the power of his spirit with all its crystal matrix, advanced technology and mystery schools. His most well known disciples are Thoth and Isis, which later continued his legacy in the mystery schools of ancient Egypt. The crystal ray is a frequency of light that comes from a higher octave beyond the 12 dimensions we are living in, and in its presence the darkness can not exist.

Part 2    

4)  A technique to take out and cancel cords and soul contracts that keeps us in the dark.
5)  A technique to take out astral parasite entities from the human energy field and send them to the light of God.
6) Dialoging with the shadow and inner wounded child.

7) Part 1: Energetic clearing for a space.
8) White magic with the Devas: the collective spirits of spaces – how to provide “active inspiration” for organizations, governments and government offices using thought projection.

9) World service meditations by Joshua David Stone.
10) the art and science of Co-creation. Co-creating projects which promotes heaven on earth with the help and guidance of the One creator, the Elohim Lords, Archangels, ascended masters, Christed ETs, devas and nature spirits.

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