Hermetic Kabalistic Magick

Hermetic Kabalistic Magick


the ancient Atlantean kabalistic magick that was preserved in the hermetic tradition of ancient Egypt and Greece. Used as the inner teachings of the Hebrew prophets, kings and rabbis. Found an expression in the esoteric teaching of Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) and continued as the mystery tradition of the west throughout the last two millennia. Came to our age through the teaching of the Golden Dawn order and its lineage such as Dion fortune, Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki and Ted Andrews.

In this webinar, we will be introduced to this magnificent tradition, learn it key principles, practice its meditations and learn its magick.

What shall we learn?

1) introduction to the hermetic kabala tradition – the yoga of the west.
2) What is Magick? Definitions of magick.
3) The 7 hermetic principles of manifestation.
4) The kabalistic teachings of Jesus and the Essene gospel.
5) Kabalistic cross, The path of the flaming sword and the middle pillar meditations.
6) Pathworking – journeying the tree of Life.
7) The tree of life in Shamanism and the Tao.
8) The Magick of the cosmic rays.
9) The magickal sphere – Hermetic Kabalistic ritual.


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