The ADAM KADMON in the KABALA is the original arrangement of lights in the shape of the human body before the fall from the Garden of Eden.

In the sacred text known as THE EMERALD TABLETS OF THOTH THE ATLANTEAN we learn about the children of light (also known as the Lords of Amenti or the Elohim Lords) which created the flower of Life and in it the geometry of the TREE OF LIFE, in whose image mankind was created.

You are invited to a life changing soul journey to awaken your original light body and remember your original identity as a son/daughter of God/Goddess of all that is and your original state of being before the fall.

Length: 2 hours.
Location: Your home computer. Limited to 25 participants.
Cost: 25 euro. Enter through the PayPal link below and choose webinar.

Date and hour: 29.11.14 18.00 P.M. (Israel time). To check the time in your own city checkout this link:

Energy initiations you will experience in the webinar:
1) The story of the fall from the Garden Of Eden and the Fall of Atlantis. How the veil, the dark matrix, the negative ego and humanity’s seperation consciousness was formed and how it affects our everyday life.
2)Soul journey to the Hall of Amenti in the crystal heart of mother earth.
3) Tree of life activation in the Halls of Amenti.
4) Cell regeneration through the FLOWER OF LIFE.
5) 12 bodies activation.
6) Journey into the crystal city known as Lower Shamballah in Agartha.
7) Initiations in the crystal temple of Indra kumara – king of Lower Shamballah.
8) Soul rebirth in the womb of the divine Mother.


Ori-Shalem mystery school

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About the teacher :Amichai Yam a teacher to the path of ascension. An experienced healer and earth healer, who works for 7 years now with the clinical psychologist Yuval Carmi in long distance healing for people with mental illnesses.

Co-created the SOUL LIFE healing method and Ascension and Co-creation courses. He creates in co-creation processes physical temples for the cosmic rays, music, books and movies

. For more information, private healing session, information about the ascension courses and the temples of the cosmic rays please read this site