Divine Government World Service Meditation

The Divine Government is part of the vision I called Ori-Shalem. It is about having governments around the world which are inspired and are working in conscious co-creation relationship with the spiritual councils of the planet, Solar system, Galaxy and universe. A God Government that will be instrumental in the global creation of heaven on earth. Within the last 50 years on planet earth there is a process called the Externalization of the Hierarchy, in which ascended masters, archangels and Elohim Lords are being born and manifesting physically through the birth, or as wake-ins (advance souls who walks in and replace a soul in a body, while the existing soul ascends). This is happening in order to bring the mystery schools and ashrams of the hierarchy to exist with earth’s culture, instead only in the higher dimensions).In order to help manifest this process I was instructed to co-create this energetic web that connects our individual heart to the heart of the planet and invoke the presence of the Logoses and the councils of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and the cosmos and the most high God/Goddess of all that is in one energetic network to send light into the energetic fields of the earth and all nations and people. First it will manifest on the energy level then into physical reality.

world service meditations are a great way to advance spiritually by giving service to all life. It was inspired by Joshua David Stone collection of World Service meditations in his books (Such as Integrated ascension).

Instruction: Sit in meditation, close your eyes and breathe deeply. If you feel nervous please do a relaxation exercises to let go of stress from the head down to the toes. Ask to be put within an axiatonal alignment (I also call it divine axis alignment) chamber of light. Visualize a pillar of light descending around you and going to the center of the earth. Now see above your head a sphere of light which is your soul descending into your body and becoming one with you. Now another higher and greater sphere is going down inside your pillar of light, this is your spirit-Self – the monad descending into you and becoming one with you. feel how your vibration raised as you merge with this sphere. Now another still greater sphere of light descends. This is your divine Self – The God within you descending and becoming one with you. Mark the feeling of empowerment that exist when connecting to your divine Self

Now see yourself as big as the world itself. Your root chakra is connecting to the south pole and your crown to the north pole. Now say the works of power to open the Hall of Amenti – the sacred heart temple of the earth : Mekut – El – Shub – El -Hale – Zur – Ben – El – Zabrut – ZIn – Efrim – Quar – El. Repeat this mantra three times. Feel your heart becoming one with the heart of the earth. Now focus on that space. See yourself sitting around the flower of life fire in the middle of the earth’ heart. With you are the great Lords of Amenti. & great chiefs of time. Surrounding them are 32 children of the light.

Artwork by Pat Marvenko Smith www.revelstionillustrated.com

Now call upon the overlighting Deva of planet earth, The deva of the tectonic plates, the deva of the soil, the Devas of the water, air, fire and earth elements, the deva of the whales and dolphins, the Devas of the crystals, trees, animals, the atmosphere, the Devas of the 7 continents and the Devas of all nations. Ask those Devas to expand the Light that is going to be focused here now.

Now call the presence of the planetary Logos – Lord Buddha and ask his council of 12 ascended masters to surround the earth in a circle. Feel the power and Light Lord Buddha is now transmitting, using all the 12 rays of God’s light and their chohans – priests. Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world.

Now call upon the Solar Logos Lord Helios and Vesta and their solar council to stand as the second ring in this mandala (see the diagram below).Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world.

Now call upon Lord Melchior and his galactic council to surround the earth in the third circle of the mandala. Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world into the galaxy.

Now call upon Lord Melchizedek and his universal council to stand as the forth circle in the mandala. Vibrate these lights through the space and time in ripples all over the world into the all universe.

Now focus on the ray of this day. See this website for information on the rays connected to each day of the week. See on the left side the days of the week buttons http://www.ethericretreats.com/

Call upon the Master, archangels and Elohim Lords Of today’s Ray and focus on the massage you want to broadcast to the people of the world concerning the this energy. For example Today is Tuesday it is the focus of the blue ray of God ‘s will. It concern the politicians, the army, police forces. What massage do you want to broad cast to all these people around the world? Ask the masters, archangels and Elohim what would be an appropriate massage to send today to the world or to certain part or specific country. When You are certain, see your Self standing in the circle of all this light forces and speaking out and pray for what it is you want to broadcast from the earth of the planet to the people of the world. Be sure to be 1000% responsible for what you ask , and that it will be for the highest good of all life. For example I want to pray for the highest protection of all innocent people in the war zones. (praying for the war to stop or for one side to win is not in alignment with divine will as I feel it. You can always consult your blue flame sword to know that.)


Now we will end with thanking all the forces of light that came to participate in our world service meditation. And say again the words of power: Mekut – El – Shub – El -Hale – Zur – Ben – El – Zabrut – ZIn – Efrim – Quar – El. And with it the earth’s heart space is closing and you return to your physical body and ground yourself. Touch the earth with your hands, Walk a little, eat something, Do something physical.. Namaste.

Amichai Yam © 2014