Kabalistic Sigil – Symbolic Art

A sigil is a magickal symbol used in kabalistic magick rituals to focus the awarness on the goal of our reality creation ritual. It is the seed thoughtform that is charged with the will, mind, emotions, sexual energy and the spiritual forces such as the spirits of the four elements, the archangels, the cosmic rays of God’s light, the names of God etc…

In these sigils the 72 names of God also known as Hashem-Ameforash (The long version of GOd’s name) are being used. Each one is connected to a certain sphere of the TREE OF LIFE which gives the symbol its main color. Some are using only one of the 72 names and some are using several names to create a more complicated ritual.

For more information on the 72 names please read this article.

They are made by request according to the will of the client and their activation can be taught in addition by Amichai Yam.
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1סאל - שפע , מחיקת חובות

Meaning: The Blue color represents Hesed  (Grace) Sephira.


Pronunciation: Samech Aleph Lamed

Purpose: The Power of Prosperity (control ego to summon the forces of prosperity)

Meditation: I acknowledge that the Light of the creator is the ultimate source of all prosperity and well-being. With this Name I summon the forces of prosperity and sustenance and ask for the strength to keep my ego in check when the other checks start rolling in.

עשל - שלום, שינוי גלובלי
Meaning: The violet color represent the YESOD (foundation) Sephira on the Tree of Life


Pronunciation: Ayin Shin Lamed

Purpose: Global transformation begins in your own heart

Meditation: I reflect upon the spiritual truth that world peace begins with peace in my own heart. With this Name, I speed my own transformation and strengthen the forces of peace throughout the world.


יזל - גן עדן עלי אדמות
Meaning – The grey-silver color represent Chochma Sephira (Divine wisdom).


Pronunciation: Yud Zayin Lamed

Purpose: Heaven on Earth (personal transformation to achieve inner Messiah)

Meditation: I ignite the Light of the Messiah within myself, within others, and throughout the planet. The concept of heaven on Earth becomes conceivable and achievable.

chochma sphere+4 combinations sigil 1

Meaning: In the center are the words “Jah and Raziel – The God name and archangel of chochma-Divine wisdom sephira.


Pronunciation: Hey Zayin Yud

Purpose: Angelic influences (accessing angelic network to bring order)


Pronunciation: Hey Resh Yud

Purpose: Long-range vision (seeing the consequences of impulsive behavior)

Pronunciation: Yud Zayin Lamed

Purpose: Heaven on Earth (personal transformation to achieve inner Messiah)


Pronunciation: Lamed Vav Vav

Purpose: Remove static (ego) so prayers are answered (dialing God)