The Art of Divine Love – The Mystery school of Isis



These are three consecutive courses, intensive retreats, or they can be taught as a one on one lessons over the Skype, that teach: Neo-tantric Sexual healing, Taoist Shamanism and the Sex Magick of Isis- The goddess and high priestess of the magick of the sexual force of creation.

These courses are suitable for everyone interested in healing his sexuality, cultivate a healthy sex life and express the power of the God/Goddess within. For women, men, couples and singles. All practices within the classes are done with full cloths on.

The challenge all human beings are facing within the school of life is to grow from a place of victim consciousness to be a co-creator of reality, both on the personal and global levels. Where lies our greatest pain, there is also found our greatest strength. Like entering a black hole and going out of a white hole, the greatest light is hidden behind our greatest shadow.

Each lesson is two hours long and cost 55$, 10 % Discount will be given when taking a complete course

1st course – Sexual healing


1. Opening circle – what is sexuality for me? The pain of separation and the war of the sexes. Joint circle for men and women, sitting separately in two sides of the circle.
.The unified field – learning the difference between separation fields and unity fields and to create unified fields using the rose flame and energy balls.
3. Sharing – connecting and expressing the e-motions, through which the voice of the soul reveal itself. Intimacy=into me see. Sharing in a circle and in pairs.
4. The sexual breath – breathing technique that raises the suppressed emotions buried within the sexual organs.
5. Yoni and Lingam massage – a healing massage to release the body-mind armor of the sexual organs. In class we learn the technique; the practice will be as homework.
6. Opening the chakras by observation, sacred sounds and the sacred flames.
7. Opening the chakras by movement exercises.
8. Practice in pairs to open the chakras in combination with the sharing practice.
9. The six healing sounds chi kong.
10. Chi Nei Tsang –
internal organs massage based on Chinese medicine.
11. Shiatsu for lovers – practice shiatsu in a yab yam position.
12. Dialogue with the inner wounded child.
13. Ki-ai – martial arts practice of discharging negative emotions through movement and shouts.
14. Pair practice of inner wounded child dialogue.

2nd course:Taoist Shamanism


Part 1: The Taoist Tree of Life
1. Microcosmic orbit meditation. Chi Kong and channeling tree spirit practice.
2. Bone marrow breathing.
 3.  Taoist Inner Alchemy – Fusion of the five elements formula 1-4.
4. Taoist tree of life activation-The 3 thrusting channels activation

Part 2: Shamanic journeys with trees.

5. Journey to the middle earth – Humanity circle.
6. Journey to the world of below – Earth circle.
 7. Journey to the heaven world – heaven circle.

Part 3: Shamanic Rituals

8. Dance ritual for meeting the four sub-personalities: The inner old wise-man/woman, woman, child, man.
9. Dance ritual with the totem animals.
10. The magickal sphere – Reality creating ritual.

 3rd course: The Sex Magick of Isis –  
Reality creation using the sexual energy


1. What is sex magick?
The history of human sexuality. The essene teachings of the angelic communions. The Tree of life as the form of the inner Temple of the divinity within Mankind.
2. Flower of life and Tree of life activation meditation within the Halls of Amenti-Heart center of the earth.
3) Meditations within the magickal Sphere – Elemental harmony meditations with the Kings of the elementals. Meditations with the four archangels of the elements – Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael.
. Sigil – Creating a magickal symbol. Different magickal languages.
. The Sexual Congress – Raising the magickal symbol through the chakras.
 6. Using Sacred Geometry to create complex sigils with several qualities.
7. Using the 72 names of God (Hashem Hameforash)72 angelic names as sigils.
8. Astral sex magick. Sex magick ritual within an astral projection state (long distance sex magick).
9. Incubus and Succubus – Astral sex magick with Gods and Goddesses.
10. Dancing with the stars. Magickal dance on the tree of life.

images (25)
11. Sex magick ritual of Keter (Crown)  Sphere of the Tree of Life.

12.Sex magick ritual of the Chochma (Wisdom) Sphere of the Tree of Life. 

 13.  Sex magick ritual of the Binah (understanding) Sphere of the Tree of Life

14. Sex magick ritual of the Da’at (Knowledge) Sphere of the Tree of Life.

15. Sex magick ritual of the Hesed (grace) Sphere of the Tree of Life.

16. Sex magick ritual of the Geburah (Heroism) Sphere of the Tree of Life.

17. Sex magick ritual of the Tipheret (Beauty) Sphere of the Tree of Life.

 18. Sex magick ritual of the Netsach (Victory, eternity) Sphere of the Tree of Life.

 19. Sex magick ritual of the Hod (Splendor) Sphere of the Tree of Life.

20.Sex magick ritual of the Yesod (Foundation) Sphere of the Tree of Life.

21. Sex magick ritual of the Malkuth (kingdom) Sphere of the Tree of Life. 

The rituals of the Spheres are created by each participant according to his individual taste. The Tree of life is a structure that connects all the pantheons and spiritual systems and it is both a science and an art. Each sphere has his “fruits” – the treasures in heaven that expressed both in individual, global, galactic and universal levels of our human and divine Self existence. The path of descending the Tree of Life is about the hirous gamos – The celestial marriage of the masculine and the feminine, the personality and the divine within.

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