walking in the footsteps of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene in the holy land

  This is a new series of articles I am writing in preparation for my coming week-long retreat in the holy land with the same title and as a work in progress of a book I am inspired to write on the subject.

Part 1: The Three Groups of Followers

In the world right now, there are three different approaches to the understanding of Yeshua’s (Jesus) teachings which creates three distinct groups of followers:
1) Canonical Christianity –
The followers of the four gospels of the New Testament refer to them as “The Bible”, believing that everything that is written in them is truth, and anything that disagrees with them is heresy. This led throughout history to burning of scrolls, heretics, witch hunts and the Crusades. This generally constitutes the Orthodox Christian faith. Some of its main beliefs are:
A)  that Jesus was the “only begotten son” of God.
B) The Trinity idea: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This means that Jesus is part of divinity itself. This really is the fundamental disagreement between the Christian and the Jewish faith and one of the main reasons those two streams of monotheistic religions separated.
C) That Jesus was a celibate and Mary Magdalene was a whore who was forgiven of her sins and 7 demons were cast out of her by Jesus.
D) That Judas Iscariot was an apostle who betrayed his master for a bag of coins.

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2) The Gnostic Christianity –
Developed in Egypt in the first century AD. It was declared a heresy by the first Pope Constantine, Emperor of Rome and their scrolls were ordered to be burnt. Anyone believing in Gnosticism was sentenced to death. Therefore it went underground and re-surfaced in the 20th century with the finding of the Nag-Hamadi, Dead Sea Scrolls, the gospel of Issa from Tibet, the Essene gospel of peace and the gospel of Judas Iscariot.

Its main beliefs are:
A) Yeshua was a man who was a student and a master of the mysteries of the ageless wisdom of life, his achievements were fruits of his inner work, therefore the path to follow his steps is inner path of contemplation, prayer and inner work to awaken the Christ within.
B) The physical body is a tomb, a prison for the soul. Therefore the goal is to free the souls from the confinements of the flesh. The final goal is achieved in death.
C) There are two Gods: one transcendent and good, and one immanent and evil. The God of the Bible is the evil one they refer to as the demi-urge, who controls and abuses the souls by his army of archons, while the True God is beyond the creation and beyond this world. So again the goal is to escape the prison of this world.
D) Judas Iscariot was one of the closest disciples who received esoteric teachings which Yeshua didn’t share with the others, and his seeming betrayal was a heroic act of helping Yeshua achieve both his goals :
1) On the cross as to take the sins of the world and redeem us.
2) Achieving freedom from the body by death which led to his resurrection and ascension.
F) Mary Magdalene was the closest disciple to Yeshua which he would kiss on the mouth and teach her esoteric teachings he did not teach the other disciples. She was also the one to anoint his body with oils which was a custom for the wife of the dead. She was the one who saw him first after the resurrection and therefore sets her as the first disciple – before Peter, which the Roman Catholic Church sees as “the rock” and the leader of the apostles.

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3) The Aquarian Age Christianity-

There is a new belief system that has been forming over the last century from the works of many spiritual teachers, researchers and channellers who brought forth an expansion of the beliefs of both canonical and Gnostic beliefs. They, generally speaking, are not basing their theories and claims on texts that are considered by the academic world as legitimate research sources, but on channeling. So it is up to us readers and followers of Yeshua to decide if these sources are truthful and trustworthy.

My 18 years of research has gone through all the sources of the three approaches I mentioned, but went in-depth and developed or rather said “resurrected” the truth as it echoes within my soul memories and channeled relationship with Yeshua as a master of wisdom and compassion and a Elder brother and senior disciple of the mysteries of the ageless wisdom of life taught in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and the ancient world.

These are the main beliefs of the Aquarian age Christianity:
1) Yeshua Ben (Son of) Joseph was a disciple of many mystery schools and mystery traditions such as: the Essene, Judaism, Druidism, Yoga (Tibetan and Indian), Zoroastrianism and the ancient Egypt mystery schools of Thoth, Isis, Osiris and Horus. Which we know today as the traditions of Hermetic Kabala, The Sex Magick of Isis, The order of Melchizedek teachings, The Atlantean mystery school of Unal teachings of master Horlet,  Essene, Druids, Yoga and so on. His philosophy, messages and his super natural powers and spiritual achievements came from the practice of these teachings and the esoteric practices of meditation and inner alchemy.


2) His main message was “Ye are gods” and “all these things I do and greater things ye shall do”. And he was the perfect example of a man who walked this path of cultivating the God-man or the divine within and so we should follow his footsteps and learn all those esoteric teachings. We all have the Christ-Consciousness which is also called Unity Consciousness within us, and walking in his footsteps can lead us to this path of evolution of consciousness.
3) There are several events in Yeshua’s life that became a symbol for the esoteric initiations on the path of ascension: A) His birth in Bethlehem – The birth of the Christ light within – The alignment of the physical body with the divine within.
B) The Baptism – The second initiation which is the alignment of the emotional body with the divine within.
C) The Transfiguration – The third esoteric initiation – the alignment of the mental body with the divine within.
D) The Crucifixion – The fourth esoteric initiation – The alignment of the soul body with the divine within. This happens by letting go of all attachment to the physical world, people, possessions and even the life of the physical body itself.
E) The Resurrection – The fifth esoteric initiation – The alignment of the Atma body with the divine within– alignment of the personal will and the divine will.
F) The Ascension – The sixth esoteric initiation – the alignment of the monad – spirit Self with the divine within. It is also called the “Celestial Marriage” of the inner masculine & feminine and the personality with the Divine Aspect.
G) The Logoic Merge – The seventh initiation – The alignment of Logos body with the divine within –Oneness with the planetary Self.

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4) Mary Magdalene was his wife and a fellow initiate of the mystery school of Isis. Together they practiced the Sex Magick of Isis which was one of the things that helped him attain his high spiritual achievements. Therefore his teachings and the presence of the many “Mary’s” female disciples around him sets them as followers of the path of the great goddess, Isis. This group of female disciples are known as “The sisterhood of the rose”.

It also put them in a very different relationship than the canonical Christianity with the pagans/witches and the other traditions of followers of the great goddess. Their practice sewed seeds of Christ consciousness all around the Christ consciousness Grid around the world. And these seeds of Christ consciousness should be awakened when we clear those spaces energetically through earth healing ceremonies.


5) Yeshua was a master of the Hermetic kabala tradition and taught the Essene communion with the angels which is an early form of kabala and the practice of the TREE OF LIFE is a way to “manifest the inner temple of God” within and around our own temple which is the physical body. From this perspective again, he was a master ceremonial magician.

5) His father Joseph “The carpenter” was the master known as saint Germaine who was one of the leading masters in the tradition of the hermetic Kabala through many of his incarnations. The Virgin birth was an astral sex Magick ritual of the ultimate spiritual creation practice similar to the “Golem” practice of Sefer Yetzira (The book of creation) in the Jewish kabala tradition. And similar to the myth of Isis, Osiris and the virgin birth which led to the birthing of Horus.

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6) Judas Iscariot was an advanced disciple who understood the science of co-creation and his sacrifice (which is considered by most Christians as a betrayal) led him to reach the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem and his soul, which has many persons alive today who feel they are part of,  continues up in this present incarnation the work started in that time of manifesting the kingdom of God on earth. One of them is the writer of these words.

7) Another name that is becoming increasingly known in spiritual circle for Yeshua is Lord Sananda Kumara. Who is the son of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus from the royal soul bloodline of the Kumaras, seventh dimensional beings, who are part of the solar council of Lord Helios and also form the earth’s planetary spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters – priests of the Melchizedek order of the light, wherein Lord Sananda is the cohen-priest of the golden flame of resurrection, renewal and peace. His etheric retreat is (according to my experience and knowledge) part of the heavenly Jerusalem in the 5th dimension above the church of Mary Magdalene outside the walls of the old Jerusalem, near the gate of Mercy.

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8) Many of his past and future incarnations has been the subject of some books written by Alice Bailey, Elizabeth C. Prophet and Joshua David Stone. They include Master Horlet from Atlantis, Mechivenda Melchizedek King of Shalem (at the time of Abraham), Joseph son of Jacob (The dream interpreter), Joshua Ben Nun (the successor of Moses), King David (The writer of Psalms), Yeshua Ben Joseph, and Apollonius of Tyana.

9) As Lord Sananda he also plays the role of ambassador between the Christed ET races as the Venusians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, and Ashtar commend. He is said to be the captain of a mother ship called “The New Jerusalem” and he is like a spiritual master for the Ashtar command cosmic police air force.

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