Galactic healing – with Pleiadians Light Chambers webinar

Pleiadians Light Chambers are energetic fields which can be summoned around our energetic field.

These chambers create different healing and ascension processes, activated by the pleiadians emissaries of light – 6D masters of galactic masters of wisdom, that like angels come here in the spead of thought, without the need for flying soccers.

It is part of a healing method created by the late spiritual teacher Amorah Quan Yin in a co-creative process with the pleiadians and the ascended master Lord Sananda.

There are 12 different light chambers and 5 love chambers.

The love chambers help us opening our hearts, so we can contain more love in our lives.

Using this method we can heal ourselves, others and also heal from a distance.

A work notebook is included for practice at home after the workshop.

This workshop is about 3 hours long. Can be taught in skype or zoom session as a webinar and also in one on one session.

To order this webinar, enter your email and follow the paypal link and choose webinar.

Ori-Shalem mystery school

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