The Professional Tree hugger Guide


Series synopsis:

 In his show Amichai  is going to shares his path, his researches in the fields of unity consciousness uniting different spiritual paths-sciences and arts, personal healing, Taoist Shamanism, earth healing, sacred sexuality, peace-making, new earth visionary work and global leadership. In every episode he is going to share some wisdom he learnt in his path. He will meet colleagues of his work, and introduce us to many both Israeli and international global lightworkers, lightwarriors, healers, earth healers, chi kong masters, sound healers, Sufi masters, and kabbalistic researchers. We will discuss the political situation in the holy land and in the world at large from a multi-dimensional perspective and hear of the great work done to facilitate change and allow the golden age of Aquarius to unfold. We will Journey with Amichai across space-time and dimensions from the holy land  to the kingdom of  Agartha, from the hall of amenti to shamballa. From Atlantis to the heavenly Jerusalem, From Telos – the lemurian city of light, to Venus and from the Pleiades to Sirius. we will be guided to many etheric retreats and meet through guided meditation and live channelling  the ascended masters,  angels, Christed star people and Elohim Lords in the many mansions in the kingdom of heaven. We will embark on journeys to historical places, walk in the footsteps and of Yeshua Ben Josheph and Marry Magdalene and the sisterhood of the rose hear the stories about this spiritual lineages. We will learn how to see beyond the mandane to penetrate the veil of time&space, see the bigger picture and activate and heal those places that holds key codes within the Christ consciousness Grid of the earth.

Episode  1: The Tree of Life

Episode 2 : The hall of Amenti