Episode 3 : Peace vigil for syria with James Twyman

In this episode we will join Peace Trubadour James Twyman and the Abrahamic Reunion for a peace vigil to pray for the peace of syria on the border of Israel and Syria, overlooking an area where all the armies involved in the syria conflict are fighting over. The video announcing this vigil attracted huge attention of lightworkers and peacemakers around the world to join this unique experiment in using the maharishi effect – power of collective focus of meditation and prayer for peace to influence the reality of war. Listen to me and other peace workers who share their understanding about what peace is? and what it takes to bring it about, or rather said see that it always exist within first and then can be manifested as an outward reality. I share many understanding about what is the source of the conscioussness of terrorism and who Isis really is …As the atlantean high priestess of sacred sexuality, love and healing and as the divine mother of the ancient egyptians. I also explain more in depth about the legacy of atlantis and how it is connected to the reality of the holy land and the Hebrew people. enjoy it…Love Amichai Yam Indra Kumara