Episode 4 : When the psychologist met the Shaman


In this episode of the “Professional tree hugger guide” show we will go back to the year 2007 to an global synchronized meditation for earth healing called “Fire the Grid” and see the earth healing ceremony I initiated in a place called “Gui-Ben-Inom”, a valley on the south-west side outside of the walls of ancient Jerusalem. The name of this place means “HELL” in Hebrew (GEHENOM) and Arabic (GEHENA). Many earthhealers had worked on this place in the past and it was all the time feeling up with earth-bound souls of all those who believe in the hell reality of the afterlife. In the time of  the bible at Jeremia 7:31: “And they built high places of horror to burn their sons and their daughter in fire: Which I did not command and did not come to my mind”. The moloch child scrifice is a black magick satanistic ritual which is still practiced all around the world. This dark ritual was and still is what created the dark matrix of seperation conscioussness. And it is like a collective mental illness that anchor the reality of seperation from source and the woundedness of the sexual, marriage, family unit and grounding it in victim-victimizer negative pattern. In this earth healing ceremony 9 years ago participated a clinical psycologist named Yuval Carmi, and since then, yuval invited Amichai to participate and help him with paitients suffering from mental illness of the most difficult kinds, usually through long distance healing. Their ground-breaking collaboration has been successful in treating and healing some of their paitient and created the reality that is un-known and unrecognized by the mainstream psychiatric institutes that don’t believe that anyone can HEAL from mental illnesses. They discuss their healing work, their path, both personal and collective healing practices and Amichai is teaching in the end the way to free parasite astral entities  from a person’s energy field. Enjoy it… In love and service Amichai Yam Indra Kumara