Ori-Shalem vision

This vision came to me first when I was 19 working in gardening at a young kibbutz called Har Amasa. Since then this vision has lead my life. In the year 2009 after learning the Science of Co-creation by Michaelle Small Wright and reading about Telos – the Lemurian city of light in Aurelia Louis Jones’s books, this vision became more tangible and I started using the science of Co-creation to manifest it from vision to reality.

The Blazing Star of Life


My first spiritual teacher, Elad Rubin, who was a disciple of a Philipinian Master named Mel, gave me a collection of sayings, which were like keys for higher states of consciousness. One of the sayings was about meditation:

“Meditation is the process by which one enters the inner world of Self knowledge. To meditate [ hold your mind steady in the light]. See with your mind’s eye the blazing star of Life. Touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams. Feel in your heart its rushing streams and know its hidden strength, depths and purposes.”

After many hours of Memorization, meditation and contemplation the “mountain” that was covered with clouds finally was revealed to me in all its glory. This mountain was what the author James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy) had termed the personal and world vision. The vision of humanity’s consciousness evolution and my own puzzle piece in it.

 In my vision I saw that each human being who wakes up to his own multi-dimensional nature, shines a light around himself and brings new ideas to every field of human society he is into. Whether it is art, education, finance, politics etc.

 I saw pictures of humanity, living in small ecological communities in cities and villages all around the world, being in open communication with beings from other dimensions and other planets, having advanced technologies of free energy and stellar travel, caring for the earth, out of understanding of the sacredness of all life. I saw arts that lift the human spirit, integrative medicine that combines conventional and holistic medicine practices, and a world living in peace, prosperity and brotherhood and sisterhood of all men. An heaven on earth.

I saw that I would be a spiritual teacher, a healer and create a global network of communities around the world, which will have all sorts of collaborations between them in the level of philosophic inspiration, social and financial ties. I saw that I would create movies and write books.

The Vision Rose Out of the Path “When a vision is real, it rises again and again from the path, you don’t need to look at the horizon all the time, but focus on the step by step”. These are the words of my second teacher, Ofer Bareket, with whom I had learnt healing and shamanism of the red path of the heart (Native American shamanism).

There I had learnt much about connecting and healing our emotions, listening circles, tribal spirit and remembrance of the history of the soul and the connection to other dimensions.

Earth healing and the science of co-creation

Within the healing process with this teacher and shaman, I returned to practice Judo and became a Judo teacher ( I practiced Judo from age 9 till 18). In the teachers course I was first introduced to the Philosophy of Judo. Which I didn’t see any connection between it and the competitive Judo I knew. This led me to two years of investigation to find the spiritual origins of Judo. This led me to study Zen Buddhism, Tao. Chi Kong and the psychology of Carl Jung. Out of this research I developed a new way of practicing Judo I call Healing Judo.

At a certain point I was drawn to practice Chi Kong in nature at a certain grove where there where trees with a mushroom shape. There I started to feel the energy of the trees. I knew that if I can feel their energy I can connect to their consciousness, and so I did. Out of this experience I began communicating telepathically for the first time with beings that were not human. This led to a complete opening up of my consciousness to the shamanic worlds and communicating with nature spirits, animals. Crystals, angels, ascended masters and gods (Like Gaia, divine mother, Pan, Inana and the One Creator).

This opening to the shamanic worlds started me on the path of Earth healing, in which I worked for ten years in battle energy release process in places where there were terrorist attacks, wars and traumatic events from the time of the bible.

In the process of studying and practicing earth healing I was introduced to the teachings of Michaelle Small Wright that developed among others the battle energy release process I used much in my earth healing mission. I learnt from her teachings to create co-creative gardens with the help of the Devas and nature spirits. This way I learnt the science of co-creation she developed. The science of co-creation is a way to create anything we dream of in co-creation relationship with the Devas (collective spirits) Nature spirits, Ascended Masters, our own Divine Self and the One Creator of all.

Telos- the city of light and the temples of the cosmic Rays

In the year 2009, when I read the books of Aurelia Louis Jones about the Lemurian city of light Telos, many strings connected and many things fell into place.

First it was the shamanic path and the shamanic journeys that had connected to the theosophical teaching about the masters of wisdom, I’ve learnt about with my first teacher.

Second, it was the temples of the cosmic rays that exist in the 5th dimension in Telos, were connected to the teaching about the devic gardens. Immediately I knew I know how to make these kind of temples here in the 3rd Dimension physical reality. That is the way the ORI-SHALEM vision was born.

I saw a natural place like a village plot with a big garden spaces filled with temples dedicated to the anchoring into the physical dimension the multi-dimensional energies of the cosmic rays. Slowly slowly I begun seeing other things there…suddenly I saw a school for children and adults, space for workshops, an movie and music production company. I saw it is a center of an ecological spiritual community.

That was in a time I was part of another spiritual community led by my second teacher and shaman, whom I could not share my vision with. They were very locked on the native American path of the red heart as was taught by those two specific teachers. This Community of 100 people had moved from the center of Israel to the desert city of Arad. And I had a very difficult time there, because I lived in a split reality between my inner world and the reality of the community. Since my daughter and ex-wife were part of this community and we tried to get back together, leaving it was much harder for me. But in the end, my truth, path and vision were not allowing me to compromise anymore with it, and I left to focus in faith on my vision.

In this part of my journey I met a woman, who became my life partner and partner to my vision. She was a channeller of the Karmic board (also known as the Lords of Karma). Within our co-creation partnership she had begun to channel all the ascended masters, Archangels, Elohim Lords and the ONE creator. We developed a new healing method called now “Soul Life” . We hosted the radio show “The Cities of Light and the masters of wisdom”. This radio show was very much in tune with my vision and in it I was giving knowledge about the cities of light and then we would make a soul journey to one of the cities and then I was asking questions and she was channelling the answers. We also created many workshops and the Ascension and co-creation course. Together we created the first of my 3D temples for the cosmic rays and created channelled music.

On the personal level our relationship was not functioning as well and after two year it ended.

Since then I continued on my path and developed my channelling abilities so I can do treatments in our new healing method and teach and channel in the ascension course lessons.

The path goes on, and more and more parts of the vision are turning from vision into reality. If in reading about this vision and in this site, it touches and connects to your own visions and dreams I welcome you into partnership with me. There are many ways you can become a partner in the process of manifesting this vision, such as: 1) get help on your healing path through the soul life healing method.

2) learning the soul alchemy facilitator-ascension or sacred sexuality courses in my Ori-Shalem mystery school.
3) Order a Ray temple to make your house or spiritual center a temple for the cosmic rays of Gods Light.
4) Becoming a co-creative partner in one of the co-creation processes I am doing. Such as building the network of spiritual communities, earth healing the earth chakras to help earth ascend, developing free energy devises, developing the soul life knowledge through healing practice.
5) marketing…etc

This is a universal and ancient dream of all beings that are connected to unity consciousness, the creation of heaven on earth were called by Rabbi Melubavitch “Creating for God a house in the lower worlds as in the upper worlds”. And Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) taught to pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven”…so be it Amen!