Episode 5: The divine Council of the new earth


In this episode of the “Professional tree hugger guide” I have the pleasure and honour to have Babananda Christensian as a guest. Babananda is a channeler and a spiritual teacher living in Mount Shasta, california USA. For the last two and a half years he is guiding an international on-line group of lightworkers dedicated to the co-creation of the new earth vision. We discuss the process the council as gone through in this time, his personal path, the higher dimensional councils of light such as the Kumara soul family, the agarthian, and the Elohim Lords. We discuss his 4 part free webinar entitled “I AM Kumara – a state of rememberance. Module 1 Recording = https://soundcloud.com/babananda/i-am… Module 2 Recording = https://soundcloud.com/babananda/i-am… Module 3 Recording = https://soundcloud.com/babananda/i-am… Module 4 Recording = https://soundcloud.com/babananda/i-am… Then we go in meditation and open our channels for a spontaneous co-creation journey with Sanat kumara and lady Venus, The Agartha council and the crystal ray, the Elohim Lords council and the Lords of Amenti and then The Elementals kingdom – the nature spirits of the four elements. Enjoy the show and feel free to comment.