Soul Life facilitators course :
Initiation to the path of healing,
channeling and ascension
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These three courses teach how to facilitate the “soul Life” healing method. It teaches to use on ourselves and our patients a wide spectrum of healing technique that treat the PMES Physical, emotional, Mental and Soul bodies.

Being a “soul life” facilitator requires for you to have multi-dimensional conscioussness and to be able to channel and work in co-creational relationship with the spirit healers of the higher dimensions.

In these courses we learn to gradually awaken and integrate parts of our multi-dimensional Self in order to become conscious co-creators of reality, with the source-God & Goddess all that is, the Elohim Lords, the arch-angels, ascended masters, devas and nature spirits.

These courses are being taught both in group meetings format in Israel and as internet webinar series, both on a one to one and group sessions.

Level I –  Soul Life – facilitator training course

This course start with basic tools for self healing in the 3D, such as sharing from our hearts and chakra opening and clearing.

Continuing with opening up to the 4,5,6 dimensions of life, known as the soul dimensions. At this level we learn to know the challenges in our lives as lessons our soul chose to go through. And make a soul alchemy process of burning our karma by learning and releasing unfinished lessons that return again and again in our soul journey throughout the incarnations.

This is done in  weekly meetings/webinars.

This course teaches:

A technique for connecting to our e-motions, expressing them and learning the massages our soul sends through them.

Opening and clearing the 7 major chakras, with passive observation, sounds and the sacred flames of God’s light.

Clearing our energetic field from astral entities and psychic self-defense.

Disconnecting energetic cords and contracts that connect us to negative peoples and forces in our lives.
changing limiting beliefs and thoughtforms.

Healing the inner wounded child/shadow work.

Balancing the sub-personalities within us: The inner child, woman, Wise old man/woman and man within.

Meeting our 11 soul extensions in the presence of the Lords of Karma (the karmic board), remembering the history of the soul and releasing unresolved karmic lessons.

Beginning the process of anchoring, activating and expressing the 50 chakras. Which is a process where in we anchor and activate and learn to express in our daily life groups of 7 additional chakras for each dimension, which allow us to experience in a very grounded way the reality of other dimensions of reality and to connect it to the experience of this reality. In this course we work with the chakras of the third, fifth and sixth dimensions.

Initiation processes in the etheric retreats of the 7 masters – Lords of the cosmic rays of God’s light.

Pleiadians chambers of Light and Love.

Level II – Ascension & Co-creation course –
The spirit dimensions

stepping into your mastery


This course is stepping into your mastery. Becoming a fully initiated member of the order of Melchizedek and the ascended Masters. It is about opening up and learning to integrate the 7,8,9 dimensions of life, which are known as the dimensions of our spirit Self or Monad.

This course is three month long of weekly 12 lessons, 2 hours long each.

In this course we are focusing on connecting with our life purpose in this incarnation and our ascension puzzle piece mission. We learn to work with the collective consciousness – the earth and the spiritual hierarchies in co-creation process to heal the earth, heal the people and co-create heaven on earth.

This course we teaches:

Initiation processes in the etheric retreats of the 7 pair of archangels of the cosmic rays of God’s light.

Continue the process of anchoring, activating and expressing the chakras of the 7,8,9 dimensions.

Clearing, integrating, karma burning and learning the life lessons of the 144 personalities in our monad (each monad contain 12 souls, each contains 12 personalities).

The esoteric initiations of the ascension path by Lord Maîtreya, Lord Buddha and Sanat Kumara.

Earth healing with the collective spirits of groups, cities, nations and organizations within the countries. Planetary service.

Connecting and co-creation with the spiritual hierarchies of our planet, solar system, galaxy and universe.

Manifesting our life mission, using the art and science of co-creation. Each participate will choose a private project to manifest and the all group will choose a group project to co-create together.

Level III – Ascension & Co-creation course: Solar ascension and the Order of the Elohim – Awaken The God within


This advanced course is about connecting the first level of our Divine Self (the solar Self) to the monad, soul and personality. When the divine Self is connected to the personality, one’s life focus is focused on co-creation of heaven on earth, with the One Creator, the Elohim Lords and the rest of the company of heaven. One’s energy field expands to the tenth dimension of life, and becoming like a “sun of life” as a result of the solar ascension processes in the retreat of Lord Helios, the solar logos.

This is a 8 months course of weekly 3 hours sessions transferred as a group meeting in Israel and Internet webinars abroad.

This course teaches:

* Balancing the personality, soul, monad and divine self.

* The anchoring, activation and expression of additional 50 chakras that build the solar body of light.

* 6 solar ascension processes by Lord Helios, the Solar Logos.

* Integrated ascension – 8 different quotients that are used to balance the ascension process.

* 18 cosmic clearing processes, 13 cosmic ascension activations.

* Lessons from the Elohim order members, learnt both by written materials, meditations and live channelings:
1) Divine will and determination by Hercules and Amazonia.
2) Divine wisdom by Apollo and Lumina.
3) Divine Love by Eros and Amorah.
4) Divine purity by Purity and Astrea.
5) Divine manifestation and healing by Cyclopea and Virginia.
6) Divine Peace and wholeness by peace and aloha.
7) Divine alchemy and magic by Arcturas and Victoria.
8) The Lords of Amenti – the creators of the flower of life.
9) Metatron and the Tree of life.
10) Master Horlet and the crystal ray.
11) The emerald tablets and the kybalion by Thoth- Hermes Trismagistus.
12) Sex magic by Isis.
13) Pan and earth healing and magic (candles and crystals).
14) Sanat kumara and Vyvamos – the training of a planetary logos.
15) Sound healing by Lady Venus.

* Co-creation projects to bring heaven on earth with the One Creator, Divine Mother, Elohim Lords, Angels, Masters, devas and nature spirits.

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