“Soul Life” workgroup

Soul life” group


There are some important questions that each human being undergoing a spiritual awakening should ask in order to reveal his identity as a soul. In the course these are the guiding questions asked in the sharing circle. 1) Who am I? Am I my body, my emotions, my thoughts, my resume, or something deeper and eternal?

2) What is my Tikun? (What needs healing in my life? When the problems in life are seen as lesson the soul choose to learn we understand this).
3) What are my gifts? What I enjoy doing the most and how can I help enlighten and heal the world?

 4) What is the cosmic ray my soul and spirit were created from? By studying, meditating and being initiated to the use of the cosmic ray of God’s light we can learn to express in our lives Divine qualities of the divine within us, such as divine truth, power, wisdom, love, compassion, purity, ascension, unity consciousness, healing, the unity of science and spirituality, alchemy, justice, magic. And more…
5) What is the history of my soul? There are several ways to know this, such as past life regression, Akashic records reading and meeting people we knew in other incarnations. By remembering karmic lessons that started in different incarnations we can learn to release them from the root of the lesson by understanding the soul contract and changing it to a new better one.
6) What soul groups do I belong? In what culture have I lived and to what spiritual and cultural heritage I feel a soul connection. This can include incarnation in places such as Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt etc and memories from other stars civilizations such as Pleiadian, Sirian, Venusian etc starseeds.

Each lesson is divided into two parts: a listening circle and body-mind meditations, relaxation and movement therapy.

In the second part of the lesson we practice exercises of physical, emotional and mental relaxation, through a variety of tools, such as “the inner smile”, “the six healing sounds”, chakra toning, seven sacred flames meditation, Zazen meditation and connecting to theta waves through the heart meditation.

Now, these energetic exercises are made into a free-internet course through YouTube in the English language. It is made in the intention for people all around the world to benefit from this knowledge and pay-it-forwards and teach it to others.

This course was developed as a self-healing course for people with mental illnesses, and can suite elderly people and ordinary people who are beginning their spiritual path.