Life in the unified field

Workshops that teach about living in unity consciousness

These workshops can be transmitted as two full days consisting 6 hours per day or as a series of workshops or as one workshop from the collection. I am feeling very comfortable teaching out side Israel through webinars, you can attend in the comfort of your home.

2) The sex magic of Isis

Healing, spiritual development and creation of a new reality through sexual energy.

This workshop synthesis knowledge from different sacred sexuality traditions (including Tantra, Tao, kabala and the secrets of sacred sexuality of ancient Egypt).

Using exercises done fully clothed in couples and singles, we will learn to work with the power of creation that lies within our sexuality and releasing from it from our difficult emotional patterns. And thus returning to an experience of our sexuality as pure, innocent joy.

We will learn how to strengthen our sexual energy – our power of creation, to raise it up to the energy centers in the body and to create with it a new reality.

This workshop is about 2 hours long.

3) The Unified field and the five divisions of the body-mind

This workshop illuminates the real reason for us being trapped in the dark matrix.

The dark matrix is a global social structure in which 1 percent of the population control the resources of the other 99 percent of the population.

The matrix exists also as energetic reality that conditions the souls of human beings to different experiences of separation; between the spiritual life and material reality, between femininity and masculinity and between the mask and the shadow etc.

When we identify the energetic blocks that keep us in separation consciousness, we can heal them and connect to the unified field that exist in the universe in the spiritual and divine dimension and bring it down to this reality in order to create heaven on earth.

This workshop is about 2 hours long.

4) Pleiadians Light Chambers

Energetic fields which can be summoned around our energetic field.

These chambers create different healing and ascension
processes and the pleiadians emissaries of light activate them. It is part of a healing method created by the late spiritual teacher Amorah Quan Yin in a co-creative process with the pleiadians and the ascended master Lord Sananda.

There are 12 different light chambers and 5 love chambers. The love chambers help us opening our hearts, so we can contain more love in our lives.

Using this method we can heal ourselves, others and also heal from a distance.

A work notebook is included for practice at home after the workshop.

This workshop is about 3 hours long.

5) Initiation to the order of archangel Michael &

the art and science of co-creation

This process of initiation takes place in a soul journey to the temple of archangel Michael in the seventh dimension .In this temple we experience the first ray of the God’s will as a blue flame which is made into a sword of blue fire in our hands. This sword is connected to the divine will and divine truth. We learn how to use this sword for disconnecting energetics cables and for energetic defense.

Through this connection we can connect to our souls mission and its plan for this lifetime.

The art and science of co-creation is a process in which we can fulfill our visions of
the Great work our soul chose to do
in this world.

The process is being accompanied with the spiritual guides from the higher dimensions.

This workshop is about 3 hours long. This workshop includes a self workbook to continued practice.

6) Meditation and sacred singing evening in the white flame pyramid

This evening combines meditation and sacred singing and takes place around and inside a pyramid that is made of copper and crystals.

This pyramid is an inter-dimensional gateway to the etheric temples of the white flame of God’s light. This flame brings the energy of purity and ascension into our lives.

This workshop is 3 hours long.

7) Sacred Geometry & The symbolic math of pythagoras

Pythagoras saw in numbers philosophical qualities, not just quantities. These qualities exist in nature around us and inside us. This is the cosmic order that shows us how the ONE created the many. Meditating on these qualities allow us to be one ith this cosmic order and create our reality within oneness with cosmic order. This is a 3 hours long workshop.